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At Bergen Catholic

Jim Finn

Brian Cushing

Rich Scanlon

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Photo Gallery

These are pictures from some of our past camps and of some of the Bergen Catholic alumni players who moved on to the next levels in their careers.

Rich Scanlon '99 during his stint with the Kansas City Chiefs

Rich Scanlon '99 during the championship game against St. Joe's at Giants Stadium

Rich Scanlon '99

Jim Finn '95 as a New York Giant

Jim Finn '95

Jim Finn '95

Brian Cushing '05 named the 2007 Rose Bowl Defensive MVP with Offensive MVP Dwayne Jarrett

Brian Cushing '05 in 2004 Championship Game versus Don Bosco

Brian Cushing '05 in the 2007 Rose Bowl

Brian Cushing '05

Brian Cushing '05 in a game against St. Joe's

Matt LoVecchio '00 at Indiana

Isaiah Williams '05

Isaiah Williams '05 at Maryland

Jeremy Shockey (NY Giants)

Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey

Brian Cushing '05

Coach DeBellis '85 & Wolfver Jean-Pierre '05 with a group of campers

Isaiah Williams '05 (Maryland), Wolfver Jean-Pierre '05 (JMU) & Taylor Mays (USC)

Matt LoVecchio '00 and Mr. Polifroni

Matt Lovechio '00

Coach Fred Stengel